Thursday, February 22, 2007

Microsoft TechDays 2007

I recently got the opportunity to attend Microsoft TechDays 2007 held in Paris, France. The main objective of the occasion was to gather all the events like DevDays, Student days etc and organize an event which would address all the people including developers, architects, students, entrepreneurs etc.
The event lasted for 3 days with many industry stands as well more than 250 sessions on different technologies. The event was attended by a large tech community and overall it was a great success for Microsoft. The event gave an overall view of the new trends in technology especially Windows Vista, .NET 3 etc.
I found that event really interesting and informative and hope that Microsoft would continue to organize events of that sort.

TechDays Blog:

Open blank page from ASP.NET Menu

I recently had this issue of opening a blank page through ASP.NET menu using treeview and sitemap. Apparently there is no easy option of doing it. But with a little bit of trick this could be achieved.
To open a blank page using a sitemap we can add a javascript in the url attribute of sitemap note.

An example:

A node by clicking which the blank page should be opened.

sitemapnode title="Proc├ędures" description="Proc├ędures" url="javascript:OpenBlankPage();"

and in the javacript function
function OpenBlankPage() {'site url here');
Javascript could directly be added in the url as well.
Voila a small tip which could save you some time.